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Saturday 10th December 3-00pm to 7-00pm.

The Astronomy Hub, Truro High School, Falmouth Road, Truro, TR1 2HU.

Activities will include:

Learn about the NASA Artemis Plan

NASA Mars Exploration Programme

Observing with Reflector and Refractor Telescopes

Solarscope (observing sunspots)

Meteorites (the oldest things you will ever touch)

Compare the effects of gravity on different planets

Control your Mars Rover

Explore Lunar Data


The end of the beginning? I know this has been said before but this is the first time I have felt able to give our wider supporter network a chance to visit.
Details;- The date Saturday 20th August location Truro High School for Girls.- Falmouth Road TR1 2HU opp the Vera Hotel. Drive up the slope until you find a large car park on your RHS. You will be met there. and taken around,.It is a 2 part event. Ie afternoon 3.00 - 5.00pm then 7.00pm - 9.00pm. If you want a cup of tea then bring a mug!

The Astronomy Hub has a display of a large range of objects of astronomical interest. Willow Field is our observing site and contains a number of larger telescopes including the Great White scope. A 7" refractor which is 7 ft long.
Find out what we are doing and what our plans are going forward.Add your name etc to the membership list.if a newcomer.
For our members it will be all hands to the pumps RSVP



Hi everyone,.
The Work Experience programme students did a great job of putting the Observatory back together again. The Solar Observatory now works proper, the micrometeorite collection unit is looking very smart, like my garden, needs some rain! The Large White scope is back on it's tripod.- The youngsters that helped put it together did not believe it possible.

We are having an Open Day on the 20th Aug, it will be an afternoon/evening effort - so all hands to the pump. This replaces the standard second Tuesday meeting.More infor dreckly.

Sun is shining, Brian


Hi All,
Herewith Notes and News for July.
Firstly The Speaker for July will be Carolyn Kennett, she has just returned from Orkney so far north the stars are different there. I was able to introduce her to an old friend of mine who has a unique take on astronomy. Also of course Observatory developments going forward.
Please make EVERY EFFORT to come to The Hub on the 12th July at 7.00pm (Truro High School)
Surprise surprise the Sun - Earth distance is at its greatest at the time of year.Also;-I have cracked the large Full Moon on the horizon optical effect.
Come and Enjoy - before Covid comes back to bite us all again.


Hi One and All
Roseland Observatory Standard Club Meeting. 14th June 2022.

It is that time again. This time Adam Laity a very experienced Physics teacher from Truro School will be talking about his Observatory and plans going forward. Don't miss out and bring a mug if you can - start time 7pm. Location the Astronomy Hub. My mobile 07804036959



Hi All,
Just a quick reminder about Tuesday's Club meeting. Starts 7.00pm 10th May in the Astronomy Club @ Truro High School for Girls, Falmouth Rd., TR1 2HU drive down the road until you come to the Vara Hotel, the school entrance is on your LHS. Drive up the slope and park on RHS in the car park there.
Want to learn more about Mars Rovers and have a sociable chat? you will have come to the right spot.
See you Tuesday,


Hi One and All,

We are back in business!! The website and Facebook page are up again.- Many thanks to John Whatty, a longtime Observatory member and computer whizz. Not only has the look of the webpage reached the 21st century but its URL is now

Our May 2022 meeting is on the 10th at 7.00pm BST in the Astronomy Hub.The speaker is one of our newer members Robert Whiltshire of Cornwall Software and an ever present at outreach events across the county. He will be describing and demonstrating how the Martian Rovers are controlled. Don't miss it.

I know I have been talking about it for a long time but this month should see the broadcast of the first astronomy lesson straight into a Nigerian school classroom. If the trial run goes well it will spread out across the country Todate they do not have an astronomy syllabus at all but they do have a Space Programme!

My plan is to have a different speaker every month, not only our own local membership but our wider community.

With your support we will be rocket propelled.

See you soon.

Last update: December 6th, 2022